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Gane is modernizing consumer credit and changing the way people shop. We enable customers to buy what they want today and pay over  time—boosting conversion, revenue, and customer loyalty.

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  • How A Gane Loan Works

    Gane Loans offer consumers shopping through in app, online or in store an instant, transparent, and easy way to get the cash they need to buy the things they want on the spot.

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    While shopping, customers sees the option to buy with Gane and split their purchase into more managable monthly payments.

    The customer fills out some personal information and instantly receives approval.

    Shopper gets instant approval, Gane then passes the neccessary payment data into your existing checkout process or loads it into the shopper mobile wallet and you recieve the standard payment authorization.

    Transaction complete! You get paid, customer gets the product they want. No new systems to manage!


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    Consumer Friendly

    Gane's mobile experience offers shoppers the ability to utilize Gane financing in both physical or digital stores allowing retailers maximum sales opportunities.

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    Offer your customers options based on your needs and theirs. To drive incremental volume, offer 0% APR on a seasonal or event basis.

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    Expanded Reach

    We see customers are more than just a FICO score. And Gane is uniquely positioned to better understand customers resulting in more customer approvals and more sales.

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    Eliminate Chargebacks

    You get your money right away just like a traditional payment card. Except, we take on the repayment and buyer risk--so you can focus on growing your core business.

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